Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, is a mixed martial arts combat sport that uses a combination of stand up and clinching techniques. The practice is also known as the “art of eight limbs” because it uses the combined body parts: fists, elbows, knees and shins. The sport itself can be practiced both professionally and recreationally, and is one of the best full body workouts you can give to your body.

For women, Muay Thai can be especially beneficial. Why? Not only will Muay Thai help you get the lean muscle you’ve always wanted, it will also provide many added health and wellness benefits, so that you can live your happiest and healthiest life.

Take a look below at four incredible reasons why women of all ages should train Muay Thai with Toronto Striking Academy.

1. Builds Lean Muscle

Practicing Muay Thai allows you to utilize various muscle groups at the same time. Simultaneously working different muscle groups is a faster and more effective way to build lean muscle. Clinching as well as executing various punches, kicks, high knees, and elbows through Muay Thai will give you faster, more effective results. Whether you’re looking to burn stubborn pockets fat, or give your body a more sculpted tone, incorporating Muay Thai into your fitness regimen will most definitely help you reach those goals.

2. Improves Mental State

In addition to getting you closer to your dream body, women who practice Muay Thai in Toronto will also notice improvements to their mental state. Think about it: when we exercise, we feel better. Exercise and practicing mixed martial arts with Toronto Striking Academy will release those “feel-good” endorphins, shifting your mood to a more positive state.

Additionally, when you practice Muay Thai, you’ll be constantly challenging yourself by pushing your limits week after week, and of course, exceeding them. So, you’re not just going to develop a killer bod practicing Muay Thai and other forms of mixed martial arts, you’ll also acquire a champion attitude.

3. Teaches Self-Defense

If you’re looking to learn to defend yourself, you can always count on Muay Thai training in North York. Muay Thai is among the most powerful martial arts created, and knowing its various techniques can certainly help release you from rather threatening situations. Simply put, practicing Muay Thai can protect yourself at any distance, and of course, keep you away from danger.

4. Improves Confidence

Practicing Muay Thai can also be a great way to improve your confidence levels. Not only does Muay Thai allow you to (literally) kick butt, it also makes you more aware all the amazing things your body and your mind are capable of doing. Muay Thai works a lot like yoga by teaching you that your mind and your body are a tool of expression, allowing you to become more confident in not just your practice, but also in your everyday life.

Are You Ready for Muay Thai in The North York, Bayview and York Mills Area ?

Have your heard of Muay Thai before stumbling upon our blog? Have you ever thought about giving Muay Thai, or other forms of mixed martial arts a try? Perhaps you want to give it a try, but need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact our highly skilled Muay Thai trainers at Toronto Striking Academy, or book your free week trial here. We also have boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, yoga and other fitness classes available to constantly keep your mind intrigued and your body challenged.

What do you think of all the potential benefits women can receive from Muay Thai? Do they grab your interest? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments below!

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